28 July, 2007

Ugly World, isn't this?

Photo courtesy of CartoonStock.com
Sigh. That was what happened with a friend of mine few days ago. The boss felt that she was challenged as all the while no one ever dared to disagree with her. As a result, he was forced to sign the letter of resignation. Heh, so kiasu.

Well yea, I'm a fresh graduate and I'm yet to see how the system of this world goes. So far I found out that most people are very kiasu, not just the Singaporeans. I mean, I roughly know how most people in this world are. Heard stories from my parents, my seniors and some friends. If possible, of course I don't want anything as such to happen to me!

Getting too close with a colleague, whether you've known him or her for a long time or you just met, will invite bad comments and the spread of hearsy from others. What the heck. Don't they have anything better to do than gossip?

Two best friends work together in the same company. In order to secure the post and to keep all the power to herself, she said something behind her best friend that caused the boss to terminate her.

Now that brings me one question: Can we still trust our best friend(s) if we are working under one roof? My parents have cautioned me about getting too close with colleagues and trusting my best pals too much. They are right; best friends are those who can easily betray you because they know more about you than others do.

I know someone who prefers some to others. He/She would treat his/her gang members real good, while the rest whom he/she doesn't like, don't ever expect him/her to talk to them. If conversation is inevitable, they will receive rude treatment. Tsk tsk tsk...

Happening right here in Malaysia, is the fighting for power, fame and fortune. If you're a Sarawakian, you should know the few companies who are dominating the market. No no, I didn't say it's wrong to strive for more money. Everyone needs money to live! But have you ever wondered, why do rich people want even more? The more they have, the more they want. Perhaps that's why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Hello... you who are filthy rich, can you please do some charity by donating your leftovers to those who deprive of it? I'm sure doing charity won't cost you your life!

Sigh. Sometimes I really feel like teaching these humans a lesson or two. This is my initial plan: gather all those who have been betrayed or suffered in one way or another due to somebody, and we pay them twice of what they have done to us. Revenge - yep, that's the word.

However, come to think about it, let God handle all those perverts and liars. All we have to do is just do our part in the society - giving helping hands when it is needed or asked, treating everyone equally regardless of race and religion (which is a bit difficult, I know), try our best to make the world a better best by simply being in it. What have you got to lose?

Well, maybe I should take the initiative to change for the better, starting from myself.

17 July, 2007

A Different Heaven

[Video has been removed by the owner. I apologise for that.]

Haha. The producer of this video could be a Catholic. A smart production, indeed, to get more people to be Catholics! *Chuckled* Of course not, I was just kidding. Whatever he was thinking, only he knew.

So what do you people think?

P/s. This post is meant to be a joke and has no intention of making fun or discriminate Protestants.

12 July, 2007

Proud to be a gangster?

[Updated: Just found out that the video is no longer available. Doesn't matter, I believe most Sarawakians must have heard and seen the video somehow. The below were just my comments.]

This piece of news was on Borneo Post on Sunday, 8th July 2007.

I remember an essay I've produced in Form 5 regarding gangsterism, which was one of the best essays in class. Gangsterism was bad then, but it is worse now.

Look at those kids. Weren't they proud to be gangsters? They even dare to record it and put the video up on YouTube.com to be shared with the whole world!!

So, let me direct this question to the gangsters in Malaysia as well as in the whole world. You see, I don't really understand one thing. What benefits do you get from beating up those whom you don't like? Okay, you get whatever you wanted -- money, some items, maybe drugs or illegal goods, power and authority, or you-mention-it. Then, you feel 'song' (great and satisfied) for being able to beat others. I don't see all these as worthwhile -- you gained a 'good' reputation for yourself, you lose your dignity and respect (well, why should I respect you if you don't respect me?!), and you minimize the number of years you will live on earth.

What's the point of all these, when you risk your life and safety just to obtain things that don't last forever?

08 July, 2007

Rare whale in Malaysia?

Photo courtesy Josep (Flickr).
(Note: This is NOT the photo of the whale spotted off the coast of Miri)

Wow... this is totally amazing! The humpback whale being spotted off the Miri coast! For the very first time!

I'm wondering, what brought the whale over here? Availability of food? Hmm... Most probably it's the food.

Rare whale sighted off Malaysia

KUCHING: The humpback whale, an endangered marine mammal, has been sighted for the first time in Malaysia, off the Miri coast.

The dark-grey whale, which was spotted by a team of aerial marine life surveyors on June 24, is at least 10m in length.

Universiti Malaysia Sabah marine mammal and fishery services' lecturer Dr Saifullah A. Jaaman said it was easy to identify the humpback whale due to its distinct physical features and behaviour.

"The flippers of the humphack whale make up about one-third of its body.

"When it dives, it brings up its tail," he told reporters at the Sarawak Forestry office at the Hock Lee Centre here on Thursday.

Dr Saifullah, the survey team's technical advisor, said the descriptions by a team member who sighted the mammal fitted well with that of the humpback whale.

He said the migratory humpback whales, which feed on small fish, had been sighted in the Philippines waters before.

The team spent about 30 hours on a Cassna aircraft for the survey, stretching from Lawas in northern Sarawak to Tanjung Datu in the southern region.

Sarawak Forestry's chief wildlife warden Wilfred Landong described as "most exciting" the sightings of the humpack whale and several other marine wildlife.

Landong said the team recorded nearly 60 sightings, which included 13 individual dugongs in three groups, seven whales, some 140 dolphins of four species, nine rays, six sharks and 13 marine turtles.

"There were two sightings of Bryde whales off Pulau Talang-Talang and sightings of three other Balaen and unidentified whales of Miri and Mukah," he added.Source: The Star.

How I wish I could be one of the witnesses to the sighting!

For more information on Humpback Whale, please visit: The Encyclopedia of Earth - Humpback Whale

02 July, 2007

Bintulu, here I come...!

... Yeah, right. As if this is my first time in Bintulu. I've been there like... errrm... Okay, lost count.

Well, anyway, when I first arrived in Bintulu (wait, no no, before I even touched down in Bintulu!), the very first thing that came to my mind was: "Oh gosh, how's the hotel I'm staying in gonna be like? It's a cheap hotel, so what should I expect? Or is it gonna be the usual cheap hotels that are of low quality and service?" For a person like me who's so used to staying in high-class hotels, no doubt I doubted.

What about you? Does the quality of hotels matter to you? Or you're satisfied with any kind of rooms as long as you can have a good shower and a good night rest?

If you feel like you want to save and at the same time enjoy your stay in Bintulu, you can certainly give KinTown Inn a try. (No money back guarantee from me, ok?)

Need some insights of how the rooms are? Heh, sure...

View of a single bedroom. Yes, that's SINGLE BEDROOM! I thought that single means there's only one bed, but KinTown Inn has two! Ok, forget about the beds for now. Just look at the picture... don't they look comfy and make you feel like lying on the beds?

But one thing I do want to comment on... the beddings are not as good they seems. Some rooms have blankets with slits and torns, thus kind of spoiling the aesthetic value. However, the blankets can still efficiently give one comfort and warmth.

If first impression is important, then I'll say that the settings and the cosy feelings of the rooms make me feel so at-home! All the rooms are air-conditioned, with Astro and Satelite TV service (but don't expect too much! Some channel can be viewed, some can't), a mini fridge, a dressing table and lamps (duhh)...

To be honest, this is the first place I peep into when I stepped into the room. I love the shower!!! (Nay... I never liked bath tubs... 'coz it's too difficult for me to climb in. Heh.) So what do you think? Like the washroom like I do?

Not satisfied with what you see and think that perhaps you should stay in at least a 3-star hotel? Okay, fine with me. It's not my hotel anyways.

But if you think you want to give it a try, well why not? Call up the number and book your room today. With a minimum of RM69 per night, what have you got to lose?

There's one little secret in KinTown Inn which I love a lot... hehe... wireless online!! Of course, that's only for those who are internet freak like me.

Darn... I cannot believe it that I'm giving this KinTown Inn company a free review!! My dearest readers out there, if you happen to know the Boss of this company, do tell them about this post of mine. And also tell them, I want a tip for my hard work (hey hello, do you know how many millions of my brain cells have died in order for me to think and produce this post?!?!)!

14 June, 2007

Let's have fun on bed, baby...

Yewwwww... sounds lustful, eh? Heh.

This is actually one of my old posts when I was still with Blogdrive more than a year ago, which got quite a lot of responses from my friends, online and in real life. I'm now re-posting it here for the sake of my new friends and for those who have never read this post. Any comments, feel free to leave them in the combox. Well... I hope you enjoy...


Photo courtesy of Cartoon Stock

If you (guys, of course) read this because you thought I'm really inviting you to have a "good time together", then I would conclude that you're a nothing-special-typical-guy who is a sex maniac.

Don't agree with me? It's okay. Did I say you must?

But if you (and those who know me personally), after seeing the title of the post, was so shocked and exclaimed "OMG! What's wrong with Oddz?!?!" (and other similar exclamations) and wanted to find out what this post is all about, well, congratulations! This showed that you know Oddz pretty well!

I found out that there are four types of guys in this world with different reactions to an invitation to sex. See if you agree with me. The sample questions (Q for gals) and answers (A for guys) are between two person of opposite sex who are ordinary friends and have no special feelings for each other. Here we go...

Type 1: Immediate Vacancy
Q: Hey... can we have sex?
A: (excited) You serious?! Sure! why not? Let's do it now!

Type 2: Beauties Only
Q: Hey... can we have sex?
A: Huh? You must be kidding.
Q: No, I'm serious.
A: What? But ... with you? (chuckled) I think better not lah. You're just not up to the "standard".

Type 3: True Love Waits
Q: Hey... can we have sex?
A: Huh? What did you say?
Q: I know you heard what I said. And I'm serious.
A: I'm sorry. I can't do it with a person I don't love!

Type 4: Indifference
Q: Hey... can we have sex?
A: Huh? What?
Q: I'm serious.
A: (changed topic) Oh so what are you planning to buy for Janice? Her birthday's tomorrow.

*Giggled* Oh well. What do you think? Which type of person are you? Or do you think there are more than these 4 types I've listed?

You might be asking me how I got to find these out. Don't worry, I certainly didn't ask them that question. Just a little prediction from the conversations I had with guys I met both in real life and online chat.

I just marveled and at the same time, disgusted at how open-minded and lustful the guys of Type 1 are. In my opinion, most guys will fall into the category of Type 2 and Type 3. Tell me if I'm wrong. And for Type 4... those are very conservative guys who are going to extinct soon. If I find one, I'll list him under the Totally Protected Animals list, and probably keep him for myself. *giggled*

07 June, 2007


Alright. First of all, PLEASE READ what I've got to say before you watch the clip.

All of us Malaysians know and agree that our Malaysian-made cars are totally incomparable with those from Germany or any other 1st World countries. It is already a fact, isn't it? But no matter how bad a product is, it doesn't deserve this kind of 'treatment'. And certainly, NOT from this extremely sick angmo kau... Jeremy Clarkson.

By doing what he did, he is actually openly declaring that we Malaysians are:
  1. Useless people - because we build useless pieces of scrap and rubbish;
  2. Idiots - despite the low quality, we still buy the cars, and even export them;
  3. Money-face - we produce cars ONLY to make profit and nothing else.
Don't you think so? Do you think Perodua Kelisa deserves this kind of remarks, which is indirectly humiliating Malaysians as well? I feel so totally looked down upon by him! I feel like... he's saying that Malaysia is a worthless nation!!

And besides, which car wouldn't be dented and wouldn't fall apart when it is done the same way?

Shame on you, for those Malaysians who supported this Bastard in 'downgrading' Malaysians and Malaysian-made products! Yes - quality wise, Perodua and Proton sucks; but aren't we supposed to be thankful that being a 3rd World country, we are able to produce our own cars? How many 3rd World countries out there have their own locally made cars?

My personal comment:
Despite its quality compared with foreign cars, almost all of my friends who are driving Kelisa are totally satisfied with its performance. Click here to read about the satisfied owners of Kelisa. A little, boxy, boring, unimaginative car with such a good performance. Isn't it more than enough?

And for you, Bastard Jeremy Clarkson, it's time to stop this hobby of yours, going about condemning cars. Save your energy to bury yourself in the future!

04 June, 2007

Professional drivers?!

What's wrong with Kuching people these days?

Crossing a small road at commercial centres is no longer a safe thing to do, especially when there are lots of cars. Most of the time, crossing a busy small road is just a piece of cake. All you have to do is just walk across when the cars are moving slowly. And even if you are crossing the road half way when a car is driving towards you fast, that car would usually slow down to let you pass.

Now, things have changed.

Even when you are standing by the roadside, trying to make sure whether it is safe to cross, don't forget to put special attention on the cars nearest to you and parking at the side. The drivers might reverse their car without you noticing them and without them noticing you.

This has actually happened to me for a few times now -- 4 or 5, if I'm not mistaken. I also witnessed how my friend almost got knocked if I didn't pull her away from a reversing car. My parents talked to me about it as they have met such a careless driver too; my another encounter was with colleagues.

This sincere piece of word of caution goes out to everyone, whether you're a driver or not. Drivers, please kindly make sure that you check the surroundings, especially the back of your cars, before you start to reverse. You don't want to hurt anybody, do you? Passerby and anyone who's crossing the road (particularly at commercial centres e.g. Tabuan Jaya CC, Sarawak Plaza, Kenyalang CC, etc.), please be extra careful and be alert when you're crossing.

Prevention is always better than cure. So do something, you people out there! Be c-a-r-e-f-u-l!!!

Photo courtesy Texas Transportation Institute

03 June, 2007

Conserve the Tiger!

I hope you, readers out there, would give a helping hand after going through this letter from WWF (World Wildlife Fund). I have signed the petition and I'm part of the big tiger photo mosaic. Please support the conservation of tigers!

Dear Friends,

The tiger is one of the most revered, feared and yet popular species on Earth. It is perhaps the most powerful symbol for all of our planet's endangered wildlife.

Once widespread across Asia, fewer than 5,000 wild tigers are now found in just 7% of the habitat they once occupied.

Today the tiger faces a new threat: the push by wealthy tiger breeders in China to re-establish legal trade of tiger products in their country. Such a move would re-ignite the now-reduced demand for tiger medicines within China and allow the organized crime syndicates that drive tiger poaching to more easily "launder" wild tigers through China.

Join me in recognizing China's efforts to conserve tigers and ask them to continue to remain firm in halting all tiger trade by visiting this site: Tiger Mosaic - WWF.


29 April, 2007

A Lame Joke

Well, as we all know, Singaporeans are just THAT good with all kinds of lame jokes. And here, I've found another one, which was introduced to me by a friend.

If this clip offends you, I'd advise that you hit the 'Stop' button right away. I'm certainly not putting it here to let you see how funny the reaction of that Indian was. It is funny, alright, but I'll have to admit that this is somewhat disrespectful as well.

To those who created this recording... darn, you're too 'good'! I really wonder what is your brain made up of!! Nay... I doubt that any Malaysians could compare with you guys. *Tsk tsk* Si beh ciak lak~~

Photo courtesy of www.mikekaplowitz.com

23 March, 2007

Odd Recommendation

I've been so totally in love with The Mr.Brown Show ever since a friend introduced me to this great Podcast.

And when I say great, I mean great. *Wink*

If I can get my friends and even my colleagues to laugh as they listen to the show, I bet you would too (yes, you! You who are reading this right now!). HOWEVER, you might need to understand the culture and the beauty of the language of Singaporeans and Malaysian in order to catch the balls.

Let's get the ball rolling... the first show I'd like to recommend is The Mr. Brown Show: Parliamentary Language. But this one is exclusively for those who can understand Hokkien. If you can't, then you might need to get someone to translate it for you.

Alright folks, grab an earphone or turn on your speakers, click the link above, sit back and have a great laugh!

19 March, 2007

Unhygenic Hygene Bin

Sometimes, toilets can also be quite a place of interest. Don't you think so?

Due to the nature of my job that requires me to travel a lot, airport has been one of my most regular stops. And certainly, having to spend hours in the airport sometimes compels me to visit the toilet at least once before I board the plane.

I forgot where I've taken this photo, but one sure thing, it was in one of the airports I've been to. I was answering the nature's call one day, when I noticed how this blue bin was used.

In such an improper manner!! Tsk-tsk...

The 'red packet' was stuck on the lifter/cover. A piece of tissue paper was also seen -- that female human must have intended to throw it away with the 'red packet' but... well, she just couldn't care much to make sure that they go into the bin completely.

Can't totally blame the ladies too. I believe that the airport management has a role to play as well.

Ladies, I'm sure you have been taught in school or by someone what is the proper way to dispose of the 'overloaded' sanitary pad. Even if nobody told you how, you should be willing enough to read the short pictorial instructions regarding the correct way of disposal. Anyways, these bins are so user-friendly that I bet even the men know how to use them!

Please be more civic-minded, and think of the next user that will be disgusted at your bloody rubbish. Thank you so much.

Photo taken with Motorola L6

15 March, 2007

Someone doubted me...

The more I think about it, the more puzzled I am. Am I that suspicion-looking? Well, I made a conclusion that -- my friend can't be blamed, as that is something abnormal but normal.

Looks familiar?
It all started 2 Saturdays ago. My two friends (new friends, we met not more than a year) brought me out to Parkson to buy sunblock. I don't really like to use sunblock, but this time, I really don't have much choice -- will tell you about that in my next post. So finally, after much shopping, we ended up visiting the cosmetics corner and my friend (pic) was given a free make-up (yeah right, where got free? She spent at least RM1000 for those moisturizers, cleansers etc.!) I couldn't believe that I had the chance to sit at the consultation corner and, besides painting myself with the eye shadows and powders (on my hands la~ of course), also I was aware that I was being watched. I even met another guy friend who spotted us -- my friend freaked out and quickly closed her face from being seen, because her make-up was only half done. Me, as usual... was laughing like mad when I saw how she reacted as the guy inspected her. Oh darrn... I forgot to snap a photo of her freakin' out. *LOL*

Clockwise: White-Vanilla peach; Brown-Expresso; Green-Minty Chocolate

Next, we ended up in an ice-cream shop, called Scoops. Just walk straight through the coffee shop near the Parkson carpark, and you will be able to find it quite easily. My friend told me that they sell branded ice-cream. I did a little 'research' on the internet yet I found nothing about it. So... is this really branded???!!! Do you know how much does a small cup cost? RM5!! Gosh!! But the taste was fantastic... they were creamy, thick, and they taste exactly what they are! Do I recommend it? Errms... if you are an ice-cream lover, go ahead, give it a try.

We were all sitting down to enjoy our ice-cream, and out of the blue, my another friend blurted a question at me...

Friend: Oddrey, what is your preference?
Me: *question mark appeared above my head* Errrmm... what did you say?
Friend: I asked... what is your sexual orientation?
Me: WHAT?! You must be kidding. *continued eating ice-cream*
Friend: No I'm serious. I don't mind what your preference is, I respect who you are.
Me: *sigh* I think I'm still attracted to men. ...

Wow. Amazing, eh? There's actually somebody who thought that I'm a homosexual! And kudos to her for so bravely voiced it out.

Does it mean that, if a girl/lady prefer putting on men's t-shirts and jeans/pants, then that girl/lady is a lesbian? Are tomboys lesbians? And how do you tell if a man is a gay or not? Can his outlook appearance tell? Or the way he dresses up? Or his gestures and behaviours? Hobbies? Habits?

I've never approved of homosexual acts (not human but acts). It is simply out of nature. But I respect all homosexual people. Nope, I'm not asking you to agree with me... your opinion is yours, mine is mine.

Anyone else who suspected that I'm a lesbian?

12 March, 2007

Utmost Appreciation

I would like to openly thank a person who has really helped me, not just in my career, but in every little thing in life.

I've never expected myself to be ever noticed, and I thought I would be keeping a low profile as long as I work in the company.

I had the shock of a lifetime when the boss gave me a compliment... at that moment, I couldn't really remember the things which he said I've done. I was still in the cloud of blurness until I suddenly realized that it was that colleague of mine who always prompted and pushed me to do most of the works I've done.

That compliment should go to you, my friend! I don't deserve it at all!

And I thank God for you. *smile*

I know you might never read this message, but ... Thank you again, Henry, from the bottom of my heart.

Photo courtesy Toothpaste For Dinner.

11 March, 2007

Bio-DaVersity Code?!

Click to watch the movie... or should I say, short clip. Worth the time, worth the effort...

The movie excerpt goes like this:

It is perhaps the greatest secrets of them all, but mankind continues to deny its existence. Follow the adventure of Robert Penguin and Sophie Minnow as they race against time to discover the secret of the web of life.

Ahh... beautifully described, indeed!

You may wonder-- What the heck is this?? A stupid animal clip that makes no sense at all!! Might as well pick up my ass and do somethin' elses, than sittin' round watchin' a senseless idiot f**king clip!!!

If I were standing right there in front of you when you made this remark, I'll also throw you some much shorter remark...

If it were not because of you, yes YOU, you idiot useless brainless cold-blooded only God-knows if you're a human, who loves puttin' money first and environment last and consequently destroying the Mother Nature and all the natural blessings that we humans rely on, we the environment lovers would not have to go all out and dry our brain juices just to think of a way to tell ya it's time to stop all the destructions!! Phiew... *taking a deep and long breath*

PLEASE join our effort in protecting the rich biodiversity. And destroy no more.

A joint effort of NSP* and WWF**.

*NSP: Not So Private (this blog)
**WWF: Word Wildlife Fund

09 March, 2007

It's all up!

Geeez... sounds like that peep's talking to me...

Phiew! *wiping off drops of sweat*

Finally I've got this new blog up and running! It's time to faithfully post and update this blog, and get my brain worked out. I have two horrible syndromes -- STML and Lazy-Brainie.

Don't know what STML is? Ohh, simple -- Short Term Memory Lost. Are you familiar with the animation "Finding Nemo"? Well, you see, I think I'm related to Dory. 'Coz I have the same syndrome as hers. *giggle*

I've just moved from Not So Private - http://notsoprivate.blogdrive.com. All my previous posts are there, so if you want to know me better, or just curious of what kind of articles/posts I blog about, then... feel free to drop by and check it out. Entrance is free!

Okays, enough for the craps. Do stay tuned for more craps to come~ And thank you for stopping by... no matter who you are, or what your purpose is.

Photo courtesy Toothpaste For Dinner.

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