03 June, 2007

Conserve the Tiger!

I hope you, readers out there, would give a helping hand after going through this letter from WWF (World Wildlife Fund). I have signed the petition and I'm part of the big tiger photo mosaic. Please support the conservation of tigers!

Dear Friends,

The tiger is one of the most revered, feared and yet popular species on Earth. It is perhaps the most powerful symbol for all of our planet's endangered wildlife.

Once widespread across Asia, fewer than 5,000 wild tigers are now found in just 7% of the habitat they once occupied.

Today the tiger faces a new threat: the push by wealthy tiger breeders in China to re-establish legal trade of tiger products in their country. Such a move would re-ignite the now-reduced demand for tiger medicines within China and allow the organized crime syndicates that drive tiger poaching to more easily "launder" wild tigers through China.

Join me in recognizing China's efforts to conserve tigers and ask them to continue to remain firm in halting all tiger trade by visiting this site: Tiger Mosaic - WWF.


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