12 March, 2007

Utmost Appreciation

I would like to openly thank a person who has really helped me, not just in my career, but in every little thing in life.

I've never expected myself to be ever noticed, and I thought I would be keeping a low profile as long as I work in the company.

I had the shock of a lifetime when the boss gave me a compliment... at that moment, I couldn't really remember the things which he said I've done. I was still in the cloud of blurness until I suddenly realized that it was that colleague of mine who always prompted and pushed me to do most of the works I've done.

That compliment should go to you, my friend! I don't deserve it at all!

And I thank God for you. *smile*

I know you might never read this message, but ... Thank you again, Henry, from the bottom of my heart.

Photo courtesy Toothpaste For Dinner.


Prince of Darkness said...

Congrates gal :) A great achievement here :)

Audrey said...
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O'drey said...

Thank you ;)

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