15 March, 2007

Someone doubted me...

The more I think about it, the more puzzled I am. Am I that suspicion-looking? Well, I made a conclusion that -- my friend can't be blamed, as that is something abnormal but normal.

Looks familiar?
It all started 2 Saturdays ago. My two friends (new friends, we met not more than a year) brought me out to Parkson to buy sunblock. I don't really like to use sunblock, but this time, I really don't have much choice -- will tell you about that in my next post. So finally, after much shopping, we ended up visiting the cosmetics corner and my friend (pic) was given a free make-up (yeah right, where got free? She spent at least RM1000 for those moisturizers, cleansers etc.!) I couldn't believe that I had the chance to sit at the consultation corner and, besides painting myself with the eye shadows and powders (on my hands la~ of course), also I was aware that I was being watched. I even met another guy friend who spotted us -- my friend freaked out and quickly closed her face from being seen, because her make-up was only half done. Me, as usual... was laughing like mad when I saw how she reacted as the guy inspected her. Oh darrn... I forgot to snap a photo of her freakin' out. *LOL*

Clockwise: White-Vanilla peach; Brown-Expresso; Green-Minty Chocolate

Next, we ended up in an ice-cream shop, called Scoops. Just walk straight through the coffee shop near the Parkson carpark, and you will be able to find it quite easily. My friend told me that they sell branded ice-cream. I did a little 'research' on the internet yet I found nothing about it. So... is this really branded???!!! Do you know how much does a small cup cost? RM5!! Gosh!! But the taste was fantastic... they were creamy, thick, and they taste exactly what they are! Do I recommend it? Errms... if you are an ice-cream lover, go ahead, give it a try.

We were all sitting down to enjoy our ice-cream, and out of the blue, my another friend blurted a question at me...

Friend: Oddrey, what is your preference?
Me: *question mark appeared above my head* Errrmm... what did you say?
Friend: I asked... what is your sexual orientation?
Me: WHAT?! You must be kidding. *continued eating ice-cream*
Friend: No I'm serious. I don't mind what your preference is, I respect who you are.
Me: *sigh* I think I'm still attracted to men. ...

Wow. Amazing, eh? There's actually somebody who thought that I'm a homosexual! And kudos to her for so bravely voiced it out.

Does it mean that, if a girl/lady prefer putting on men's t-shirts and jeans/pants, then that girl/lady is a lesbian? Are tomboys lesbians? And how do you tell if a man is a gay or not? Can his outlook appearance tell? Or the way he dresses up? Or his gestures and behaviours? Hobbies? Habits?

I've never approved of homosexual acts (not human but acts). It is simply out of nature. But I respect all homosexual people. Nope, I'm not asking you to agree with me... your opinion is yours, mine is mine.

Anyone else who suspected that I'm a lesbian?


Adam said...

A lot of lesbians are totally feminine. Of course their partners are usually the penkit (tomboy) type.

O'drey said...

I might be a little boyish, but I know I'm certainly NOT a homosexual!

Thank you, Adam.

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