11 March, 2007

Bio-DaVersity Code?!

Click to watch the movie... or should I say, short clip. Worth the time, worth the effort...

The movie excerpt goes like this:

It is perhaps the greatest secrets of them all, but mankind continues to deny its existence. Follow the adventure of Robert Penguin and Sophie Minnow as they race against time to discover the secret of the web of life.

Ahh... beautifully described, indeed!

You may wonder-- What the heck is this?? A stupid animal clip that makes no sense at all!! Might as well pick up my ass and do somethin' elses, than sittin' round watchin' a senseless idiot f**king clip!!!

If I were standing right there in front of you when you made this remark, I'll also throw you some much shorter remark...

If it were not because of you, yes YOU, you idiot useless brainless cold-blooded only God-knows if you're a human, who loves puttin' money first and environment last and consequently destroying the Mother Nature and all the natural blessings that we humans rely on, we the environment lovers would not have to go all out and dry our brain juices just to think of a way to tell ya it's time to stop all the destructions!! Phiew... *taking a deep and long breath*

PLEASE join our effort in protecting the rich biodiversity. And destroy no more.

A joint effort of NSP* and WWF**.

*NSP: Not So Private (this blog)
**WWF: Word Wildlife Fund


Prince of Darkness said...

Finaly I am here at your blog :) Prince of Darkness was here :)

Adam said...

Coming here for the first time. Nice layout.

Just updated your new url in my blogroll.

O'drey said...

Thank you both! ;)

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