07 June, 2007


Alright. First of all, PLEASE READ what I've got to say before you watch the clip.

All of us Malaysians know and agree that our Malaysian-made cars are totally incomparable with those from Germany or any other 1st World countries. It is already a fact, isn't it? But no matter how bad a product is, it doesn't deserve this kind of 'treatment'. And certainly, NOT from this extremely sick angmo kau... Jeremy Clarkson.

By doing what he did, he is actually openly declaring that we Malaysians are:
  1. Useless people - because we build useless pieces of scrap and rubbish;
  2. Idiots - despite the low quality, we still buy the cars, and even export them;
  3. Money-face - we produce cars ONLY to make profit and nothing else.
Don't you think so? Do you think Perodua Kelisa deserves this kind of remarks, which is indirectly humiliating Malaysians as well? I feel so totally looked down upon by him! I feel like... he's saying that Malaysia is a worthless nation!!

And besides, which car wouldn't be dented and wouldn't fall apart when it is done the same way?

Shame on you, for those Malaysians who supported this Bastard in 'downgrading' Malaysians and Malaysian-made products! Yes - quality wise, Perodua and Proton sucks; but aren't we supposed to be thankful that being a 3rd World country, we are able to produce our own cars? How many 3rd World countries out there have their own locally made cars?

My personal comment:
Despite its quality compared with foreign cars, almost all of my friends who are driving Kelisa are totally satisfied with its performance. Click here to read about the satisfied owners of Kelisa. A little, boxy, boring, unimaginative car with such a good performance. Isn't it more than enough?

And for you, Bastard Jeremy Clarkson, it's time to stop this hobby of yours, going about condemning cars. Save your energy to bury yourself in the future!

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