25 April, 2010

On the road? Be responsible.

I've been trying my very best to contain my anger and dissatisfaction, but I don't think I'm able to do that any longer... please allow me to say this...

To ALL drivers in KUCHING who practise dangerous driving, young and old alike... YOU SUCKS!!!

Oh well, I'm not saying that I'm a good driver or my driving skill rocks, but at least I'm a responsible driver and I abide by the traffic rules. And at least I'm not like some drivers who couldn't care less of the other drivers on the road.

You see, if you encountered injuries or even death because of YOUR own carelessness, then I couldn't be bothered because YOU DESERVED IT after all. You pay for your own recklessness. However, if your carelessness inflicted injuries and, the worst of all, death upon the other road users, then... YOU ARE GUILTY OF MURDER, and you may (oh you SHOULD!) regret for the rest of your life as long as you live.

So how did you like the video above? Inspiring, I hope?

These are the types of drivers I particularly HATE with ALL MY HEART:

1. Those who couldn't be bothered to signal before overtaking. So, those signal lights are there to beautify your car?

2. Those who overtake others when the traffic light ahead has already turned red, and they still end up waiting for the light to turn green. So what's the point of overtaking when you're just one car ahead? IDIOTS.

3. Motorcyclists who drive right in the middle of the road or/and those who are not to the left nor at the middle of the road... You guys are giving us a hard time and causing traffic jams! Not only that, I have to specially look out for you when you're around, just to make sure that I have enough time to stop if you lost balance and fell. You're the last person I ever thought of running over!

Of course, there are a lot more to the list above.

If each driver has other road users’ interests at heart, I believe everyone would have been extra careful when driving on the road and the most horrible accident could have been avoided.

Please, people, don’t be so selfish. If you want to reach your destination in one piece, so do others. You don’t own the road. Besides, I’m sure you don’t want to spend extra money repairing your damaged car because of accident, which you could have avoided but you didn’t due to your own carelessness. And you don’t need to be rude too. What’s wrong with practising courtesy on the road? I’m sure that wouldn’t burn your arse.

It’s NOT FUN at all to put other people’s and your own life at stake.

If you really like to speed, then please go to the indoor Go-Kart in Pending, by all means. It is THE SAFEST PLACE for you to speed, to drift, to race against others, and at the same time to de-stress.

Enough said. I wish you all a safe and accident-free journey everyday. Oh, and see you at the indoor Go-Kart.

[I found these two Malaysian websites to be pretty impressive: Safety Tips-Road Safety and Pandu Cermat – Malaysian Road Safety Blog. The latter allows readers to leave comments and they have quite interesting discussions too. Worth a visit.]

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