14 June, 2007

Let's have fun on bed, baby...

Yewwwww... sounds lustful, eh? Heh.

This is actually one of my old posts when I was still with Blogdrive more than a year ago, which got quite a lot of responses from my friends, online and in real life. I'm now re-posting it here for the sake of my new friends and for those who have never read this post. Any comments, feel free to leave them in the combox. Well... I hope you enjoy...


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If you (guys, of course) read this because you thought I'm really inviting you to have a "good time together", then I would conclude that you're a nothing-special-typical-guy who is a sex maniac.

Don't agree with me? It's okay. Did I say you must?

But if you (and those who know me personally), after seeing the title of the post, was so shocked and exclaimed "OMG! What's wrong with Oddz?!?!" (and other similar exclamations) and wanted to find out what this post is all about, well, congratulations! This showed that you know Oddz pretty well!

I found out that there are four types of guys in this world with different reactions to an invitation to sex. See if you agree with me. The sample questions (Q for gals) and answers (A for guys) are between two person of opposite sex who are ordinary friends and have no special feelings for each other. Here we go...

Type 1: Immediate Vacancy
Q: Hey... can we have sex?
A: (excited) You serious?! Sure! why not? Let's do it now!

Type 2: Beauties Only
Q: Hey... can we have sex?
A: Huh? You must be kidding.
Q: No, I'm serious.
A: What? But ... with you? (chuckled) I think better not lah. You're just not up to the "standard".

Type 3: True Love Waits
Q: Hey... can we have sex?
A: Huh? What did you say?
Q: I know you heard what I said. And I'm serious.
A: I'm sorry. I can't do it with a person I don't love!

Type 4: Indifference
Q: Hey... can we have sex?
A: Huh? What?
Q: I'm serious.
A: (changed topic) Oh so what are you planning to buy for Janice? Her birthday's tomorrow.

*Giggled* Oh well. What do you think? Which type of person are you? Or do you think there are more than these 4 types I've listed?

You might be asking me how I got to find these out. Don't worry, I certainly didn't ask them that question. Just a little prediction from the conversations I had with guys I met both in real life and online chat.

I just marveled and at the same time, disgusted at how open-minded and lustful the guys of Type 1 are. In my opinion, most guys will fall into the category of Type 2 and Type 3. Tell me if I'm wrong. And for Type 4... those are very conservative guys who are going to extinct soon. If I find one, I'll list him under the Totally Protected Animals list, and probably keep him for myself. *giggled*


Mei said...

OD!OD! U C, you should use ur talent. You are very good at it. Writing i mean....so what r u waiting for. Head to my blog and click on that PPP button and register yourself. Dont waste your talent...

O'drey said...

Sigh. Mei, I've been spending too much time online. I will sign up but maybe not now... thanks for reading my post!

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