02 July, 2007

Bintulu, here I come...!

... Yeah, right. As if this is my first time in Bintulu. I've been there like... errrm... Okay, lost count.

Well, anyway, when I first arrived in Bintulu (wait, no no, before I even touched down in Bintulu!), the very first thing that came to my mind was: "Oh gosh, how's the hotel I'm staying in gonna be like? It's a cheap hotel, so what should I expect? Or is it gonna be the usual cheap hotels that are of low quality and service?" For a person like me who's so used to staying in high-class hotels, no doubt I doubted.

What about you? Does the quality of hotels matter to you? Or you're satisfied with any kind of rooms as long as you can have a good shower and a good night rest?

If you feel like you want to save and at the same time enjoy your stay in Bintulu, you can certainly give KinTown Inn a try. (No money back guarantee from me, ok?)

Need some insights of how the rooms are? Heh, sure...

View of a single bedroom. Yes, that's SINGLE BEDROOM! I thought that single means there's only one bed, but KinTown Inn has two! Ok, forget about the beds for now. Just look at the picture... don't they look comfy and make you feel like lying on the beds?

But one thing I do want to comment on... the beddings are not as good they seems. Some rooms have blankets with slits and torns, thus kind of spoiling the aesthetic value. However, the blankets can still efficiently give one comfort and warmth.

If first impression is important, then I'll say that the settings and the cosy feelings of the rooms make me feel so at-home! All the rooms are air-conditioned, with Astro and Satelite TV service (but don't expect too much! Some channel can be viewed, some can't), a mini fridge, a dressing table and lamps (duhh)...

To be honest, this is the first place I peep into when I stepped into the room. I love the shower!!! (Nay... I never liked bath tubs... 'coz it's too difficult for me to climb in. Heh.) So what do you think? Like the washroom like I do?

Not satisfied with what you see and think that perhaps you should stay in at least a 3-star hotel? Okay, fine with me. It's not my hotel anyways.

But if you think you want to give it a try, well why not? Call up the number and book your room today. With a minimum of RM69 per night, what have you got to lose?

There's one little secret in KinTown Inn which I love a lot... hehe... wireless online!! Of course, that's only for those who are internet freak like me.

Darn... I cannot believe it that I'm giving this KinTown Inn company a free review!! My dearest readers out there, if you happen to know the Boss of this company, do tell them about this post of mine. And also tell them, I want a tip for my hard work (hey hello, do you know how many millions of my brain cells have died in order for me to think and produce this post?!?!)!

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