19 March, 2007

Unhygenic Hygene Bin

Sometimes, toilets can also be quite a place of interest. Don't you think so?

Due to the nature of my job that requires me to travel a lot, airport has been one of my most regular stops. And certainly, having to spend hours in the airport sometimes compels me to visit the toilet at least once before I board the plane.

I forgot where I've taken this photo, but one sure thing, it was in one of the airports I've been to. I was answering the nature's call one day, when I noticed how this blue bin was used.

In such an improper manner!! Tsk-tsk...

The 'red packet' was stuck on the lifter/cover. A piece of tissue paper was also seen -- that female human must have intended to throw it away with the 'red packet' but... well, she just couldn't care much to make sure that they go into the bin completely.

Can't totally blame the ladies too. I believe that the airport management has a role to play as well.

Ladies, I'm sure you have been taught in school or by someone what is the proper way to dispose of the 'overloaded' sanitary pad. Even if nobody told you how, you should be willing enough to read the short pictorial instructions regarding the correct way of disposal. Anyways, these bins are so user-friendly that I bet even the men know how to use them!

Please be more civic-minded, and think of the next user that will be disgusted at your bloody rubbish. Thank you so much.

Photo taken with Motorola L6

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