12 July, 2007

Proud to be a gangster?

[Updated: Just found out that the video is no longer available. Doesn't matter, I believe most Sarawakians must have heard and seen the video somehow. The below were just my comments.]

This piece of news was on Borneo Post on Sunday, 8th July 2007.

I remember an essay I've produced in Form 5 regarding gangsterism, which was one of the best essays in class. Gangsterism was bad then, but it is worse now.

Look at those kids. Weren't they proud to be gangsters? They even dare to record it and put the video up on YouTube.com to be shared with the whole world!!

So, let me direct this question to the gangsters in Malaysia as well as in the whole world. You see, I don't really understand one thing. What benefits do you get from beating up those whom you don't like? Okay, you get whatever you wanted -- money, some items, maybe drugs or illegal goods, power and authority, or you-mention-it. Then, you feel 'song' (great and satisfied) for being able to beat others. I don't see all these as worthwhile -- you gained a 'good' reputation for yourself, you lose your dignity and respect (well, why should I respect you if you don't respect me?!), and you minimize the number of years you will live on earth.

What's the point of all these, when you risk your life and safety just to obtain things that don't last forever?

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