01 December, 2009

An Appeal for the Stray Cats and Dogs

Calling all animal lovers! My friends in Kuala Lumpur need help badly. They do not have enough fund to support the stray dogs and cats they have rescued, and this is already the third month they are not able to pay for their shop rental. Below is the letter of appeal from the owners.  Please help them any way you are able to!  I thank you in advance, on behalf of my friend.

Dear Friends

We are 2 of many individual rescuers who rescue stray animals. We started with 1 animal and then 2 and then more and more, and then …… out of control. The number has now ballooned to 240 dogs and cats. We are now facing SPACE constraints, MONEY constraints, LABOUR constraints, etc., etc., to take in any more animals. Nevertheless, we are still taking as we cannot stand to see them walking the streets and running the risk of being cruelly treated/inhumanely caught by evil dog-catchers. Most importantly, we want to work with other genuine rescuers and animal lovers, and in our small way try to reduce the stray problem. Strays are not strays by choice. They are still God’s creatures.

It is our fervent wish to have a piece of land to start a no-kill shelter to house the strays and provide them a safe refuge. We want this to be a place where people and animals can interact, with the eventuality of the animals being adopted. This requires financial means and resources as the animals have to be vaccinated, neutered and fed.

God has been very good in somehow letting us meet up with Mrs Kam and the Operafest again. Mrs Kam, without hesitation, offered to start the ball rolling by holding a charity concert in aid of these stray animals. Mrs Kam herself is a rescuer and she understands our plight.

We now humbly appeal to you to help us in our cause for the strays:
  1. We need a piece of land to start the shelter and we’re willing to pay reasonable rental for it. Anyone has unused land to spare?
  2. Do buy tickets and come for the Operafest Children's Choir concert on 20 December 2009. Please sponsor generously to help us help the strays.

If you want to know us better, please visit our website: http://www.tailsunlimited.com.

God bless you for your generosity and compassionate heart for strays.

Amy / Ruth
(Tails Unlimited)

The sample  ticket of the Children's Choir; costs RM30/ticket.

You may also contact them through email and on mobile phone...

Mobile: 012-3815932 / 010-2939282
Email: info@tailsunlimited.com   |   scl1996@hotmail.com

If you are residing in Kuala Lumpur, or you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur on business trip or on vacation, please go to the concert at Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Jln Putra (opposite the Mall), 8.30 p.m. on 20 December 2009.

A preview of the performance of the Operafest Children's Choir.  Not bad, aren't they? Again, I sincerely ask for your help; please help them to help the cats and dogs!

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