29 April, 2007

A Lame Joke

Well, as we all know, Singaporeans are just THAT good with all kinds of lame jokes. And here, I've found another one, which was introduced to me by a friend.

If this clip offends you, I'd advise that you hit the 'Stop' button right away. I'm certainly not putting it here to let you see how funny the reaction of that Indian was. It is funny, alright, but I'll have to admit that this is somewhat disrespectful as well.

To those who created this recording... darn, you're too 'good'! I really wonder what is your brain made up of!! Nay... I doubt that any Malaysians could compare with you guys. *Tsk tsk* Si beh ciak lak~~

Photo courtesy of www.mikekaplowitz.com

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