18 April, 2008

Post Earth Hour

I was browsing for some local environmental news in Malaysia when I came across this piece of article written by Koh Lay Chin, a columnist of the New Straits Times newspaper. She was making a commentary on Earth Hour, a global event on 29 March at 8-9 p.m.

Surprisingly, our Petronas Twin Towers and other sites of pride for Malaysia were still shining bright during the Earth Hour.

Disappointed? Yes, of course. It's somewhat sad too.

I couldn't agree more on what Ms. Koh said:

Any event that could raise environmental awareness should be taken up with enthusiasm, and jumping on this global bandwagon could only have been a good thing.
If only our Malaysian leaders would have thought of this:
If city and municipal councils in Malaysia were to take up the cause, they would not only earn plus-points in the environmental stakes, they gain respect and heighten civic consciousness.
I hope that Malaysia and her dwellers can do better than this in the next Earth Hour (2009).

To read the whole report, click to enlarge the photo below.

Source: DOE

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Odie said...

Hmm.. agak dah. Nway, I had not so dark moment harituh. My hubby insisted to have the TV on. So, we were watching TV in the dark ler.. hehe..

Raymond Tan said...

Hi Odrey,

Glad to meet you here, thanks for the feedback about my blog. Perhaps we can exchange blog links and put in our blog rolls?


Fish said...

Hi Didie,
Well, not too bad. Watching TV in the dark can be considered romantic too. LOL. Well, at least you did something. Mine wasn't that dark too, I was on the computer browsing for Earth Hour news.

Hello Raymond,
Thank you for dropping by too. I have added you to my blogroll. ;)

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