29 March, 2008

Thumbs up for students!

Guess what I've found?

To the teachers and students of Maxwell Secondary School (Malaysia), well done! I'm very proud of you.

So proud and impressed that I have to show this to the rest of the world... if students can do this, why not those big organizations? Shame on those McGreedy! Shutting down for one hour would cause them to lose big bucks!

Anyways, the money sign is much more important than the environment to them. I'm just amazed at how brainless these smart people are... their wealth comes from the environment, and yet they are doing nothing to give back to the environment. All they ever do is take, take, and take to fill their pockets to the fullest, while letting the earth go poorer, more polluted, and less suitable for living.

Again... to the teachers and students of Maxwell Secondary School, two thumbs up!! Keep up your good work!

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