28 April, 2008

Recycle? Who cares...

I was sitting at my desk, giving my fullest attention on what I was doing when suddenly, I saw something which I didn't expect to see.

Right across the room where the recycle box is, the cleaner emptied the used papers into a big garbage bag.

I stopped my work straight away and started to observe the lady cleaner. After she moved all the used papers into the garbage bag, she continued emptying the trash bins into the same garbage bag.

If anyone would have noticed, I was watching her in horror. As if I've seen a ghost. My first reaction was "What the hell..." Then I immediately intercom my boss' secretary, only to find out that it has been so all the while.

One question for my boss. What is the purpose of having a recycle bin in the office when it is NOT used for recycling?? Simply as a temporary platform before those used papers end up in the garbage bag? Or just for the sake of showing off??

Is it THAT difficult to practise recycling? Recycling can be another method of generating extra income too, although it's rather insignificant compared to the monthly revenue the company is able to get.

Okay, you can't do it for the sake of environment. Fine. Then, for the sake of money, why not?

Even my parents who used to think that I'm nuts, are now gradually putting recycling of used papers into practice. And I firmly believe that a lot of young people today are practising recycling too.

If they can, why can't you?

I feel kind of ashamed knowing that the company I work for, an environmental consultancy company, has no difference from those who couldn't care less for the environment.

Heh, if only recycling is mandatory for everyone and every organisation in Malaysia, like in Monroe County, Malaysia can surely be one of the well-recognised 'green' country. It would be very nice to be famous, isn't it?

Here is something I found while searching for photos for this post. It is a list of things that can be recycled and not. I think it's very useful for everyone, so do take time to read it. I learned something from it too.

(Photo obtained from Unheard Blog)


Raymond Tan said...

It's already hard to ask Malaysians to throw rubbish into dustbins properly, so it's even harder for them to throw rubbish accordingly and their types in the recycle bin. :D

Fish said...

Haha. Yes, I agree with you, Raymond! Sigh. Sad to know that the educated are uneducated. Hmm.

(Do I make sense? LOL.)

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