21 February, 2008

Post Chinese New Year

Tell me, have you also put on that much weight after Chinese New Year? So much that even the weighing scale is running for its life? Not bad, that means you've enjoyed the festive season to the fullest. You should be proud of yourself because not many people find Chinese New Year enjoyable.

Oh, what about your pockets? Getting fatter too? Or is it only your body that has grown sideways? *Chuckle*

Okay, Chinese New Year's over. It's time to watch your diet again. If you haven't realized this, let me warn you now... more and more people are getting sick lately. When I say sick, I mean really sick. Watch your diet, and your lifestyle too. You KNOW how that old saying goes... prevention is better than cure.

Okay okay... enough with all the bullshits. I hope you had a great Chinese New Year and Chap Goh Meh.

Comic courtesy of C.W.Kee.

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