03 February, 2008

Buckle up, rear sitters!

Image courtesy of Colorado State Patrol

KUALA LUMPUR: People should start wearing rear seatbelts now instead of waiting for the law to be enforced, as it concerns their safety, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said.

Looks like Malaysian Government is seriously looking into this right now. So it's just a matter of time. I'm just wondering… how many people would start wearing rear seatbelts before the law is enforced? Oh, maybe not at all. Even though wearing seatbelts at the front seat is a must, a lot of people still ignore it. I guess it won't make much of a difference.

If the foreign country folks can put this into practise, why can't we? Oh well, let's put it this way... only idiots who will go onto the road without seatbelts. They are either too rich, or they are looking forward to kissing their loved ones goodbye.

To read the full news, click here: Rear seat passengers have to buckle up.

Just for laughs...

Oh I personally think that this seatbelt style is very suitable for married couples. Check it out! (Just kidding!!) Heheheheh.

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Didie said...

I've been tucking my kids in the car seat eversince they were born and now they are used to it ;-) I think it is really important for the back passenger to buckle up. We always hear that the driver and front passenger only had minor injuries in a car accident but the back people; they are the ones who suffered most injuries or even worst--> die.

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