22 December, 2008

Rare beauty

I couldn’t help it when I landed on the website of one of the government agencies in Mukah Division. A light bulb suddenly went on, brightening that very corner of my brain, highlighting that small piece of memory I thought I’ve lost. I frantically clicked every link I could find for a photo of him but unfortunately, none I’ve found. Oh well, it’s been really long since I last met him!

He was one of the finest looking Foochow guys I’ve ever met so far. The time machine of the mind brought me back to the time when I met him for the first time due to my work. Before I met him face to face, I saw his photo on their organization chart. “Crap. Another unfriendly chap. Hmmph.” Being a person who is not very keen of meeting government officers, that was the first thought I had. The wait wasn’t too long before my colleagues and I were invited into his office together with the other officer whom we met just the other day.

I looked around at his huge office with not-so-much anticipation. Would there be anything good coming from this guy? I was skeptical. After a few unpleasant encounters when dealing with government officers, I’m no longer fond of them. Well, why should I be, anyway? Most of them have given me quite bad impressions, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this one’s the same. However, I have to admit that there is still exception.

Then a man walked in. He was well-dressed, very tall, well-built, and above all that, good looking. I looked at him wide-eyed (I didn’t mean to be rude, just couldn’t help it!). He exchanged handshakes with us and started introducing himself. WOW. He has a deep tone of voice (he should be able to sing Bass well, hahaha) and very soft-spoken too! My colleagues were very impressed with him as well and they were saying that he is one of those who are really concerned with the matters of the people. What can I say? He definitely belongs to the ‘exceptional list.’

Yeah, I know. Don’t be shocked, ok? I know I am crazy, but it’s not wrong “adoring” someone who’s good looking, right? Don’t worry, I don’t and won’t “lust” over him like some people do. At least I only remember him when I saw that particular website (which I don’t visit that often unless I need some information for work-related matters only).

So… yup, that’s my story. For me, the most interesting thing when it comes to meeting strangers is that we are received with such hospitality and kindness, which do not occur frequently, especially with the government sectors. Don’t you agree with me?

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Taffy A.E. Jong said...

LOL. Agreed.Hey he made an impression and best yet, I know you are not easily impressed, especially by a dude. Let's pray he stays that way, an avid enviromentalist. What a sight eh?
Lucky girl!!!!

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