09 December, 2008

My Carbon Footprints

What is carbon footprint? Find out all about it here. Also take a look at Odie’s (my comrade!) site as she’s done quite a good job bringing up the whole matter.

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The total carbon footprint I’ve left behind annually is 9.241 tonnes. Hmmm… that’s A LOT! When I thought that all these while my carbon footprint should be minimal, at least of the country’s average or lower, but little did I know that mine is higher than the country’s average! Whoa, that’s something really scary!!

I made a compared with Odie’s carbon footprints. Besides all the carbon produced from secondary sources, most of my footprints are from flying. As a job requirement, I fly quite often. I tried not to as I love my own bed and everything at home.

I can say that I’ve done my best to conserve energy at home, and so far my family is quite cooperative as well. They switch off the lights when nobody is in the living room. Sometimes when I came home at night after outings with friends, I found myself in the dark, and sometimes I tripped over chairs when trying to find the switch to the light. They don’t do that last time, so I’m surprised when they finally took up the practice.

Hmm… looks like something must be missing... or else, what is the reason for my secondary output of carbon to be that high?

Now, your turn to take the Carbon Footprint calculator and see how much carbon you contributed. Oh, I mean “contributed.” Hehe.

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