18 September, 2008

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Dammit! As much as I H-A-T-E this dude who's got very thick skin, I'm actually... another replica of... of... hiiim?!?!?!?!

*puking hard*

Congratulations Fish, you are...

Kenny Sia of kennysia.com

You have it all, or so you think. Big balls, big bird, big everything. Also a big heart and ever-ready big hug to give out to everybody who needs one. But you didn't know this. You're the one who need a hug the most. So hugs to you!

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?


Taffy A.E. Jong said...

Sweat. You're better than him anytime. He may be entertaining to a lot of people but to me, he just knows how it works for most people.All in the writing, don't you agree?:)

Anonymous said...

i just think that he is lame. Trying to show off his fortune and his frequent surroundingness by girls. By if you have the whole Everise on your disposal of course you can be as cocky as him rite?

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