14 September, 2008

Mr. Brown Show: NSF = National Sex Force?

Warning: You must be 18 and above to understand this podcast.

Malaysia is expecting a population increase to 70 million by year 2100 (source). As of September 2008, our population amounted 27.73 million (source: JPN). And so is Singapore after they realised that their population needs some boosts.

However, Singapore came up with an exciting... I mean, sexciting programme called National Sex Force (NSF) to give training and encouragement to men and women on how to "produce" and increase their "productivity".

Well, of course that's not true if it's from Mr. Brown Show!

To think about about it, if Malaysia has something like NSF, surely almost everyone would love to be registered! Don't you? Hahahah.

Click here to listen to the podcast.
Another quality production by Mr. Brown.
Quality guaranteed by Ms. Fish. *wink*


Anonymous said...

Hahaha,Nice one. If you need a force for sex that is. hmmm....

Fish said...

Exactly! ;)

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