01 June, 2011

Popping the popcorn on Gawai

Happy Gawai to all who are celebrating the Harvest Festival in Sarawak! And happy holidays to those who are enjoying themselves visiting :)

As for me, I'm now taking a break from work... oh well, being a workaholic, there's no way for me to sit there idle. Besides, I've got lots of deadlines to meet too, so I can't afford to waste any spare time I have! So, no visiting for me. 

Sigh. My apology to a friend who has invited me to his *kampung! I really wished I could be there, but bad planning by our group of friends prevented me from going. So sorry, buddy! 

Anyways, I had a wonderful morning today... *wink wink*

After breakfast this morning, I was helping my mom to clean up when I saw this packet of popcorn kernels in the cabinet. 

It was a very easy-to-pop popcorn. As easy as 1-2-3.

Or maybe we should call it "instant popcorn." Well, in a world where everything has to be instant, e.g. instant noodles, instant photos, instant oatmeal, instant coffee, instant tea, even instant passports, I'm more excited than surprised when I picked up this packet of popcorn kernels.

Mom said she bought this early this year at Ta Kiong, tHe Spring. So she gave me the green light to get the kernels popped.

So first of all... opening the wrapper and I found this... 

On the outer wrapper and this popcorn bag, they demanded that instructions should be carefully read before going to the next step. So it took me 2 minutes to read and understand (I just don't want to blow my mom's microwave, if anything unexpected happens. Haha). Then into the microwave it went.

After about 4 minutes...

... tadaaa!! The bag has now expanded! Let's see what it's like inside...

Woohoo... one whole bag filled with popcorns!

Curious of how much it is, I emptied the content into the pot we always use to cook instant noodle or soup. Not bad, it filled the whole pot.

Now it's ready to be enjoyed while you watch your favourite drama or movie! *wink*

Looks like this instant popcorn isn't too bad, eh?

Having said that, I think I shall take a break from work and indulge in the drama starred by my favourite actor while enjoying some unfinished popcorns. Yum yum... Now would you please excuse me...

*"Kampung" is the Malay word for "village".

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